Introduction Notes & Comments

In the "Notes" for every Lesson (and this Introduction) you'll find links and other resources Chris talked about during the videos. If you have any questions about the content, please leave a Comment under the video (or Lesson Notes) related to your question. Or, email Chris directly at: [email protected]

Team Building Puzzles by Anderson, Cain, Cavert and Heck. Ton's of puzzle activities for teachable moments.

Dr. Jim Cain, Teamwork & Teamplay - Check out the page-full of team building activity resources. - Jump right to it!

Trainings and workshops offered by Dr. Cavert (custom training available as well).

ACCT - Here is the link to the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Check them out if you are interested in challenge course practitioner (facilitator) certification - they can connect you with a training vendor. They hold a great conference every year.

Continuing Education Hours - Please go to the section in this course titled: Information - Continuing Education Requirements. I will be providing Continuing Education "Hours", I am not (yet) able to offer "CEUs" - more details in the Information section.

Course Ideas - What do you want to learn? Can we put it online? I really want to know what you need. Let's learn something together!

Kinds of SMART - Here's a great place to start for more on SMARTs/Intelligences. When you're planning/programming activities, how many of these SMARTs do you access?

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking - Susan Cain, "argues that, we dramatically undervalue introverts...Quiet has the power to permanently change how we see introverts..." Cain also wrote, Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverted Kids. Check out Ms. Cain's TED Talk (20 minutes).

Join the FUN form HERE (scroll to bottom of page).

Word Circle Puzzles at my FUNdoing Blog - start here, and follow links to more information. (If you join the course, you get the Word Circle Puzzles Starter Kit for free - all the details you need to run these puzzles.)

Number Squares Puzzle (Print-N-Play) - Here's my Blog post on this puzzle - enough to get you started. (The Lesson on this puzzle in the course includes the finer details of the puzzle along with how and why I use it.)

Tools for Team Builders: Game Spots - Here's a video (Blog post) about the different kinds of game spots I've used and some activities using spots.

Picture Word Circle Puzzles (the first set ever created) - Here's my Blog post about this version of WCPs. It includes a downloadable of the puzzle so you can play right away. (Included in the course materiel - free - is the the first volume of Picture Word Circle Puzzles - 6 more puzzles to present.)

Triplets Puzzles - Set 1 HERE. Set 2 HERE. In these Blog post there is more about how I use these puzzles.

Preparation for Lesson 1

No preparation needed. Just jump in when the Lesson opens! See you there.