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  Prologue (Reflections On My First Course Creation)


Hello Team Builder! I thought you might be interested in some thoughts about this, my first, course creation adventure. (I will be adding to this list as I continue...the adventure is far from over.)

  • I met my goal of launching my first course (on time).
  • I believe this course is a viable means of learning team building activities.
  • I had (and am still having) a great time building this course.
  • The course is not perfect.
  • I had to cut my feature footage into small bites so I could load it into Teachable (that's why there are no verbal transitions in the video clips).
  • My video clips must be less than 2GB - pushed the boundaries with to clips only to find out there is no wiggle room. (Reedited the two clips)
  • This course is not fancy, but it is functional.
  • Maybe I need some music? (What do you think?)
  • I know I have a lot more to learn. And I'm excited about it.
  • The course will grow over time - more value will be added. (I love that once you're in the course, you can always access the course - lifetime membership.)
  • I can see my school (Team Builder Power Ups) growing - filled with courses.
  • Even if only one person joins the course, it was worth creating.
  • I love sharing ideas and thoughts with other team builders.
  • There is a lot to keep track of and I know if I miss something, someone will let me know.
  • I'm off again to do more work in the course.....