Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers!)

(If you have questions related to the operation or interaction of this course, please leave a Comment below so we can add it to the list. Any questions you think others might like answered, send them in - we like helping.)

Q: After I enroll in a course (pay for the course), how long can I access the materials?

A: Once enrolled in a course, you are a lifetime member of the course. When the course is open, you can log in and access all of the material. (Note: There will be brief moments of time when the course will be closed for updates and pre-launch preparations.)

Q: Can I get a receipt for the course?

A: Yes. There was a, "You are now enrolled..." email sent to you after you paid for the course. Scroll down in this email to find your receipt. If you no longer have this email, or you didn't get this information, email your instructor and s/he can send you another receipt.

Q: I have not started my course yet, but I paid for it a long time ago! Is it too late to start it?

A: NO, it's never too late and never any pressure! You will always have access (unless there is a new Cohort group). 

Starting a new Cohort only means there will be a new wave of students joining the course (and, special pricing for new students). 

How this will affect you: The Lessons will be closed during a Cohort registration for about seven days. Then, Lessons will open up again one at a time every Monday and Thursday for four weeks - then everything stays open until a new Cohort (Spring, Fall & Winter Cohorts). 

Q: Can I go back and view videos I've already watched?

A: Yes. Once you are enrolled in a course, you will always have access to the course when it's open.

Q: Can we advance and/or go back while in a video.

A: Yes, Hover your mouse/arrow over the video. A progress bar shows up at the bottom of the video. Hover over and part of the bar and click - this takes you to (approximately) where you want to go. And, be sure to click the Play arrow to start the video again if it stopped.  

Q: How do I get the videos to stop jumping ahead to the next video? (I want to stay with the video I just watched so I can go down and make a comment.)

A: In the class content area (where all the videos and notes live), there is a settings "gear" icon - at the top of the left column. When you click on the gear you have some options for the content. Be sure the "Autocomplete is toggled to the left - you will have to click the "Complete and continue" (big blue bar at the top of the page), to move on to the next video (or notes). And, you can also click on the next video (or notes) in the left-hand column. (You can also speed up the videos - if you want to save a little time. But, the clarity is a bit off.) 

Q: How do I send my instructor a direct email?

A: Navigate to a page that has the profile picture/icon in the upper right corner. Click on the icon for the dropdown menu. Then, click on "Contact" - this will open an email page. This email goes directly to your instructor. 

Q: What if I posted a Comment and I need to fix or change something - can I change it?

A: Yes. When your Comment shows up in the course (after approval), you can click on the little pencil in the upper right-hand corner to make changes. (If you want to start over you can also delete your entire Comment clicking on the "x" in the upper right-hand corner.) 

Q: Can I add a picture or PDF to my a Comment?

A: Yes! Click on the "picture" icon in the lower left area of the Comment box. You can then "Choose File" from your computer (or, several other content locations, e.g., Google Drive).

Q: Can I add a Link into a Comment.

A: Yes & No. You can add a URL to your Comment, but it will not be live - ask the reader to Copy the link and paste it into their browser of choice. (And, it helps to shorten the link - I use - before pasting it into your Comment. Just easier to manage on the readers end.)